Monday, April 14, 2008

Let's Play Homeworld - Mission 11

Welcome back to a very short mission.

Charlie intercepts a coded message from the Taiidan empire. Seems they aren't happy that we Exiles managed to get this far in and become all buddy-buddy with the Bentusi. Unfortunately... that means the Bentusi are going to be in trouble next time they exit hyperspace.

Yeah... that sort of trouble. Almost immediately upon coming out, the enemy ships turn their attention on my Salvage Corvettes, who were doing nothing but just sitting there. I wanted so much to capture that Heavy Cruiser... but instead I have to blow it up cause I lose all my Salvagers ;_;

After very easily defeating the enemy, the Bentusi are very grateful! Do they give us some Superweapon Tech? Maybe they'll give us the Heavy Guns tech and I can build my OWN Heavy Cruisers!! What do they give us? We saved your life, Bentusi, remember that.

Crap... a slideshow. So apparently, our people were a great empire, but the Taiidan and our enemies (I imagine the Turanic Raiders were involved and perhaps the Vaygr (oh wait, you're not supposed to know about them yet!)) managed to kick us out of our world. The Exiles left the system and traveled for generations until...

... they basically just said 'Screw it, this world will do' and landed on Kharak of all places. The Guidestone was a relic from the moon around our Homeworld, and it is the only thing we have remaining of that past. Many spoke of our return. The Bentusi agree to return to the council and get some help from them.

Dang... that kind of sucked. I lost all my Salvagers, but I didn't have any research or resources or anything... I build a few Proximity Sensors, retire my Scouts, and that's about all I really can do in this level.

See you next time.

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