Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Let's Play Homeworld - Mission 7

Welcome back to Homeworld!! Let's show those Bentusi why we don't fear a stinking nebula. The size of these pictures is going to be a bit on the big side, sorry. New screenshot program... and it's bugging the crap out of me.

Well, those red dots on this screen are not, in fact, enemies. They're the sensors screwing up. Charlie lets us know this fact, and I just shrug it off and decide to go ahead and harvest some of the nebula. About a minute into harvesting, and Charlie detects a power signature approaching.

It's a weird looking ship - and they send out an ambassador to meet us. They say we defile the nebula with our presence, and they will overlook this transgression if we join them. We explain we had no idea the nebula was a holy place and if they give us the chance, we'll leave as soon as we can... but they aren't biting - "If you will not join, you will die."

Shoot... those are some annoying ships there. The big guys are easily taken out by my battle group (or captured by my Salvage Corvettes), and the little guys can be eaten by my strike craft more easily than that. There's no real danger as they pop out. About ten minutes later and we are ready to hyperspace...

... out? Damn... looks like something is inhibiting our hyperspace.

Hmm... I wonder...

Aha! I knew it. I chase the needle with my battle group, and start to pound her, soon she hyperspaces out and we find we can do the same! But not yet. I finish harvesting the crap out of this nebula. I also research Fast-Tracking Turrets, which gives me Multi-Gun Corvettes.

I retire all my Heavy Corvettes and build 24 Multi-Guns. The last thing I build is enough Defenders to get me to 45 of them (although you can't see them on this screen, along with the Interceptors which are mysteriously missing.) At this point, I have enough resources to build a fleet of Destroyers... but not yet. The next level is even worse than this one.

See you soon.

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