Saturday, April 5, 2008

Let's Play Homeworld - Mission 3

Welcome back, quick update this time, it's a pretty short level.

Our good ole friend Charlie tells us that the enemy was using fighters and corvettes when they destroyed the Khar-Selim (oh how wrong he is.) We have to now go back to Kharak to finish fitting the Mothership, protecting against future attacks, finishing up the important systems, that kinda thing.

Oh no! D:

What happened to our scaffold!! Oh, and the planet is on fire too. Karan tells us the everyone is gone, Kharak is burning, and SOMEONE IS ATTACKING MY CRYO-TRAYS! That won't stand!!

Oh... lawl... Assault Frigates XD It would stand to note that the enemy left behind the crappiest unit in the game to blow up the Cryo Trays. I think cause they never expected anyone to come back. I have my units swarm them. (Although strangely... there are only three. There's usually five of these guys. *shrug*)

Charlie tells us to capture one of frigates - already WAY ahead of you, Chuck. The first frigate we never actually capture, so I want the other two. With only three, it's so much easier, since they can't defend against it. (Also, they destroyed one of the Cryo trays ;_; It's almost impossible to get all six trays - since the top left is under attack and has so few hit points.)

Charlie gives us a playback of the events, and it's pretty bad. They blow up the scaffold, head to the planet...

... and nuke it. D:

Oh well. I go and collect the Cryo trays, harvest all the dust clouds, and finish up the only research topic (we reverse engineer Capital Ship Drive, which gives us Resource Controllers - which I build along with a Heavy Corvette) Capital Ship Chassis - which gives us Assault Frigates LAWL! God I hate that ship.

After fleshing out my fleet a little bit, I'm ready for the next level... which I accidentally hyperspaced into, OOPS!

The interrogation of the crew of the Assault Frigate reveals that they came from an empire in the stars... and we violated some 4000 year old treaty forbidding us to get hyperspace technology... yeah, honestly. The interrogation, apparently, is fatal, and the guy dies - too bad, you jerk.

So anyway, resources! Yay. The next few levels are GREAT for getting resources. I'll continue from this tomorrow.

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