Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let's Play Homeworld - Mission 13

Welcome back.

Elson is a defector from the Taiidan. There have been talks about starting a rebellion for a while, but the atmosphere deprivation device being used on Kharak sealed the deal and the rebellion began. He needs us to connect to a relay station inside the Kharos Graveyard... the worst place in the game. I hate the Kharos Graveyard.

But I love this! Heavy Guns research! I almost immediately get this, and I start researching. I retire six of my Multi-Gun Corvettes, one of my Resource Collectors, my Carrier, one Assault Frigate, and three of my Defenders, but I manage to be able to build all three Heavy Cruisers once the research is done.

Until then, though. I put my Scouts in a group with my Missile Destroyer and send then up as high as I can and then forward to directly above the relay station, the reason being...

The Dog. I hate the Dog. He's like a Super-Salvage Corvette. He's fast, he's invincible, and well - let's see what happens when you don't go high enough.

He can capture ANYTHING so long as he gets a grip on it. He carries the ship away to the nearest hyperspace gate and that's the last you'll ever see of it.

Fortunately, I have two sacrificial lambs in the form of Assault Frigates. So I send one of these into the Graveyard and then send my Missile Destroyer and Scouts down as close to the relay station as I can.


I manage to dock with one of my scouts (that's it blowing up after it finishes docking,) and Elson gets in touch with his rebellion. They get their group together and he hyperspaces out after giving us the coordinates of where we need to be.

Until then, this is my beautiful fleet. Three Heavy Cruisers, four Destroyers, four Ion Array Frigates, four Ion Frigates, one Assault Frigate, two Missile Destroyers (I lost the one to the Dog), and eighteen Multi-Beam Frigates. I should be able to tear through the next level.

See you then. It's a REALLY tough one.

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