Sunday, April 6, 2008

Let's Play Homeworld - Mission 4

Welcome back! Kind of a long mission this time... but only because I mess up halfway through... ahem, anyway.

I send my Harvesting operation out (along with a healthy escort - 5 Heavy Corvettes and 8 Interceptors.) I also build 6 more Salvage Corvettes and another 2 Interceptors. My Salvage Corvettes are so incredibly important in this mission, and you'll see why.

Soon after harvesting a few grains, Charlie warns us of a "Mothership-class mass signature" with power level, probably over 9000, and it's coming in fast. Thankfully, it's the Bentusi! I love the Bentusi, they give us awesome stuff, such as...

Ion Cannon research for 500 RU! Score! The Bentusi tell us about the Turanic Raiders, who are servants of the Taiidan (I know, I'm the Taiidan, but for matter of story, I'm supposed to be the Kushan.) The Bentusi leave, telling us to be ready for their return. And I will be happy when that time comes.

So not too soon afterwards the Raiders show up and it's the 4th Quarter and they're... wrong Raiders. They start to attack my resourcer, I protect them pretty well, but soon enough, I'm losing ships left and right. When it can't get any worse, Charlie tells us about a group of ships hyperspacing around the mothership - they're Ion Frigates!

Well, I like Ion Frigates, so I capture them ^^ Although the first time I did this, I messed up with my positioning and I lost all my Salvagers and the Ion Frigates tore through my Research ship... so I restored my game and positioned the Salvage Corvettes in the proper location to capture all six Ion Array Frigates.

Remember that Carrier from the 2nd Mission? Well, it's back. Thankfully it waits around for me to get my Ion Array Frigates well and truly captured and my battle group set up into wall formation before it and its two frigate escorts come to blow me up.

However, with 8 Ion Frigates under my team, there's not much the Carrier can do. I salvage its escort, and then as it tries to flee into hyperspace, I blow it to smithereens. Yay, no more Carrier, not that it matters that much, it was kinda weak.

Charlie lets us know that the Taiidan group who blew up Kharak are close by. Well, why not take advantage of that situation! I finish up resourcing my fleet, build up a bit (5 more Heavy Corvettes and 15 Interceptors (11 of which are replacing Interceptors I lost during the swarms of raiders earlier.)

This is my amazing fleet now. 8 Salvaged Ion Array Frigates and 2 Ion Frigates means I saved a buttload of resources. And in the next level, I'm going to try as hard as I possibly can to salvage a destroyer, mwahaha! See you then.

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