Friday, April 11, 2008

Let's Play Homeworld - Mission 8

Welcome back, sorry I didn't make a blog yesterday, the game was frustrating me to no end, and so was my screenshot program. Anyhow, on with the next level.

Charlie (who I've learned is Fleet Intelligence, by the way... but I'm still calling him Charlie) tells us that the hyperspace inhibitor did some technobabble and kept us from warping out. Also, the mothership core is identical to our own :O Which is strange cause ours was reverse-engineered from the wreck of the Khar-Toba! :O

But, we're not out of the nebula! We should have hyperspaced out. Charlie lets us know a triangle of motherships is keeping us from warping out, only one can keep us here, and we need to get out now. An ambassador from the Garden-Keepers comes and tells us we must join.

Karan, in her sweet, kind voice tells them that we can live in peace, and we both likely come from the same planet. The ambassador, clearly torn, tells us that we will fail, and the evil that forced them into the nebula will destroy us, and then come after them. They don't want that to happen, so they attack!

The Garden-Keepers attack with a new, pretty ship - Multi-Beam Frigates. I looove these units. They can blow the heck out of anything with 4 rotating beams of glorious goodness. They are a bit on the paper-thin side... but I'll let that slide cause they're so sexy. There are 17 in this level (2 waves of 3, 2 waves of 2, and 1 of 7 (!)) and I will try to capture everything I can. After blowing up two of their motherships...

... they retreat across the entire map from my current location... sigh. Charlie lets us know that there is a friendly signature in the same vicinity of the last mothership. So, I lumber over there with my 9 Multi-Beams I captured (1 got destroyed) and my battle group. A few groups of swarmers and fuel pods later, and I come up against this row of 7 multi-beam frigates. Naturally, I capture every one of them.

The last mothership is surrounded by the wreckage of a ship identical to the Khar-Toba on Kharak. They have the same origin as we do :O Which is a shame, cause we've all but destroyed them, heh... oh well. The last mothership goes down in record time because of 36 beams of death spiraling from my multi-beam frigates.

After waiting for my Salvage Corvettes to bring back the Multi-Beams, I clear the last Fuel Pods in the level and go back to regroup my fleet while waiting for my harvesters to get every last bit of space dust in this entire level.

No research in this level, but a ton of resources. I have to build 6 Defenders and 22 Multi-Gun Corvettes to replace the ones that got killed this mission. I also retire my Interceptors and build 10 Scouts (you'll see why soon) and 25 Attack Bombers. My beautiful fleet has lost some big guns, but with the addition of 16 Multi-Beam Frigates, anything that comes my way will feel my wrath!!

See you next time.

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