Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let's Play Homeworld - Mission 12

Welcome to a hectic, but slow mission. This is a lot of fun if you do it right. Although I haven't got a shot of it. It is VITAL to survival that you click the 'Do Not Launch' button for the Mothership (and in my case the Carrier - although I don't think it has anything with it... to be honest.) Also - I don't have as many pictures, but I swear I took a bunch of each wave...

Karan is yanked out of hyperspace by her quantum waveform collapsing. She emerges into a trap! Three Grav Well Generators, nine Support Frigates, six Ion Frigates, and one Missile Destroyer all wait around. If my Strike Craft launched, that would be the end for them. It's a rather easy battle, though, and as I sit around licking my wounds (and losing an Ion Array Frigate ;_;) they start sending more waves.

First a wave of Attack Bombers and Minelayer Corvettes rush my Multi-Beams, but I kill them off easy. Then next is a wave of Multi-Gun Corvettes and one Ion Frigate. Again, a simple match. During this time, Charlie tells me we can research Defense Fighter technology. So I do.

Between wave 2 and 3 I launch my Multi-Gun Corvettes and have them escort my non-combat ships up to a safe place. Wave 3 is two cloaked Ion Frigates with a Cloak Generator. I blow them all up easy. Then Wave 4 comes, a Grav Well Generator and an Ion Frigate.

Last is a big wave. A bunch of Multi-Gun Corvettes, a Heavy Cruiser, and 5 Ion Frigates come up from below - but I'm ready and I pound into them. A few Minelayer Corvettes harrass my Mothership by dropping mines at her, but she can handle it, and I send my Missile Destroyers to mop up the mess.

But wait! All is not done, we get a distress call from a Captain Elson of the Kapella - a Taiidan Destroyer. He wants to defect, and is being chased by a bunch of Ion Frigates. Can't let him be destroyed, so I rush over there with my units.

Or... they run over to me and I blow them up at the safety of home. Yay. I win, Captain Elson is brought aboard and for once in this entire game, I hyperspace out without harvesting every last pebble in the mission. There are tons of resources, but Minelayer Corvettes have peppered the level with mines, and there's a Carrier and a big escort of Assault Frigates, it just isn't worth it.

See you next time.

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